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Hakushū / Shun Komatsubara [MF-003]
Release Date, 2016-9-1

1. When Hydrangeas Bloom

Sometimes good things and bad things happen at the same time.

2. By a River with no Bridge

Can we silently convey our feelings? I wonder ...
As a guitarist I want to believe my music can convey my feelings.

3. Free Hand

Hey, I am still young at heart. With this feeling, I wrote this music in free style.

4. In the Autumn of our Lives

When we are young, we live without noticing we are getting old. Until one day, we realize we are in the Autumn of our lives. Playing the guitar, releasing CDs, living a fulfilling life at my age, is all thanks to Mr. Amano. Although he didn't get the chance to reach midlife, he is the man who nurtured my music career and encouraged me to reach this far.

5. Fleeting Love

My mother worked her entire life. This is the music dedicated to my mother.

6. From a Gap in the Clouds

Even in the rainy season, rain doesn't fall every day.

7. Destiny

Everything starts with meeting people. I appreciate the many people I've met in my lifetime.

8. Superstition

At times I think I’m quite superstitious. Ever since I was a child, if I should accidentally hit my head, I’ll say "Ouchi!" and wonder if I did anything bad, or if God is punishing me.

9. The Sky is my Universe; Tomorrow is my Future; Always Dreaming!

You are never too old to do things. Look forward to tomorrow and try something new.

10. A Little Happiness

If we appreciate the small things in life, then we'll see that we have more happiness than we realize.

Produce : Hideaki Miyoshi / M-factory
Guitar : Earvin Somogyi

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